Catholic Enquiry Centre

Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC) is a lay person’s ministry for answering questions on JESUS CHRIST. St. Joseph’s Cathedral is a well-known Pilgrim Centre in Mysore, where people of all religions come seeking solace and comfort, some of them, who are wounded, suffering deep pain, anxiety, fear and confusion approach CEC for guidance, prayer and counseling. So, the Catholic Enquiry Centre was established in St. Joseph’s Cathedral in the year 2010 at the instruction of the then Bishop Thomas Anthony Vazhapilly under the able leadership of the then Parish Priest Rev. Fr. K. Anthony William. Sr. Angeline was the first in-charge of this Catholic Enquiry Centre along with two auxiliary members. They would reach out to people who were wounded, suffering deep pain, anxiety, fear and confusion etc. with love, help them to calm down and share their problems. They were assured of the confidentiality of the matters discussed. During these conversations, the CEC co-workers were able to share the message of love, joy and peace that one can receive from Jesus Christ. They also help them to realize the power of the name of Jesus and the mercy and compassion of God to every one irrespective of caste and creed. The staffs would also cater to the spiritual needs of those Christians who have either gone astray or weak in their catholic faith. The co-workers also pray for those who request prayers during their visit to CEC. Many devotees of St. Joseph and St. Philomena avail these facilities. Due to some reasons this Catholic Enquiry Centre was not functioning as it was expected. 

The present Parish Priest, Fr. Staney D’Almeida has taken the initiative to revive this with a new team.  At present, the Catholic Enquiry Centre is looked after by Dn. Cyril Selva Kumar, Mrs. Nirmala and Mrs. Veronica.