The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a parish-oriented organization of men and women who have joined together to help their neighbors in need.

Mission – The society as a whole is unique and the following are some of the guiding principles:

1. Spiritually, to strengthen the members of the church as Christians and bring them closer to God, when we reach out to those in need by simply making a compassionate phone call or visit.

2. Living within our faith is what keeps us as a community strong and united when we help someone who is down on having a crisis in their life.

3. Modeling acts of kindness and goodwill will bring a brighter tomorrow when providing assistance where assistance is needed.

4. Serving the needs of those that are hungry by preparing meals, serving them.

Late Mr. J. M. Coutinho who migrated from Burma (Myanmar) in 1942 was the Head Master of St. Philomena’s High School was the first President of the society. After the death of Mr. J. M. Coutinho, Mr. A. Susai Raj took over the charge of president for the society. At present the society has got great and energetic members like Mr. Manuel Joseph as president, Mr. A. Susai Raj-the General Secretary, Mr. Vimal Kumar as Asst. Secretary, Mr. R.K. Francis as treasurer, Mr. Selvaraj as Asst. treasurer, Mr. Daniel & Mr. Johnson are the auxiliary members. 

Some of the Events and activities carried out by the SVDP are distributing the ration for the poor and needy, helping with admission fees for poor students, assistance to the Sick etc. To request personal assistance through SVDP, contact the parish office.

Meeting Timings: Every Sunday at 9:30 am