Name: Sisters of Sacred Sciences (Sorores Scientiarum Sacrarum = SSS)

Motto: The motto of our Congregation is “Omnia tibi Domine” (all for you Lord).

Spirituality: The spirituality of the Sisters of Sacred Sciences is that which is taught by Jesus and enshrined in the Bible especially in the gospels, as preached and exemplified by St. Francis de Sales and the sages and other saints of the past.

Apostolate: The SSS also envision an organised thrust in the following sectors of active renewal from within:    i. For teaching the Sacred Scriptures and related biblical sciences.

  1. For disseminating values through the media.

iii. Preaching parish missions, retreats and recollections.

Charism: The charism of the Congregation of the Sisters of Sacred Sciences is to incorporate itself in building up the Body of Christ (Eph 4:10), make it present in the world and thus spread God’s kingdom, the kingdom of love, peace and compassion. In the disseminating of the Good News by assiduous and prayerful study of the Sacred Scriptures we shall eminently make present our specific contribution to the Church and the world.

Address: Sisters of Sacred Sciences, Maria Mandira, H.No.9; 13th Cross, Karunapura, Mysuru-570007,