Name: Disciples of the Divine Saviour (DDS)

Founder: Br. Jayaprakash, in the diocese of Mysore under the patronage of Late Bishop Most Rev Dr Joseph Roy the Bishop of Mysore.

Founded in: 1996

Charism: Family among the families. We live in small houses in the midest of people by participating in the day today struggle of the ordinary people by living a simple and witnessing life style. We also work in different institutions and earn our own living by the sweat of our brow.

Apostolate: Family Apostolate. Such as Family visiting, Family prayers, help to solove  family rellated problems through prayer, Family counselling, conducing evening classes for the less privileged children, preaching retreats in the parishes and religious institutions, prison ministries, etc.

Address: Generalate & Novitiate, DDS Amar Darshan, 2nd stage, Rajiv Nagar, Mysore-570019

  1. DDS Guru Darshan, 126 A. J. Block, N.R. Mohalla, Mysore- 570007
  2. DDS Mathru Darshan, 2nd Cross, A. G. Block, N. R. Mohalla, Mysore- 570007
  3. DDS Atma Darshan, 317 Munishwara Nagar, Udayagiri- 570019